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Aug. 5th, 2008


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Today's one of my "down" days. I have no energy, and even less motivation. Everyone else has left the office early, and I'm considering following suit so that I can go home and take a nap.  All of this lack of energy and motivation is accompanied by an impending headache that may even be an impending migraine. 

On the plus side, I finished the tweedy dishcloth last night and started on a two color one that promises to be really cool looking.

Aug. 4th, 2008


What do you do to kill time before the Ravolympics?

Knit some dishcloths of course.  I knit one this weekend that came out really cool. I'll post pics later if I can find a camera. The stitch pattern was very simple and easy to memorize, and the texture came out perfect for scrubbing.  Here's a recipe:

Cast on 51 stitches
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: K1, *sl1 purlwise, K1 Repeat from *
Row 4: K1, *yf, sl1purlwise, yb, K1 Repeat from *
Repeat these four rows until you run out of yarn or the dishcloth is as big as you want it.

I made this in a variegated Sugar and Cream cotton and it came out really pretty and practical.  The slipped stitches make a sort of waffle weave effect, which is great for scrubbing.  Dad was pleased (he does the dishes) and I'm making another one for him now in a tweedy Sugar and Cream cotton. 

In other news, I'm really glad I didn't go by my sisters estimate of her bust size for the sweater I'm knitting for the Sweater Sprint event in the Ravolympics. She told me she thought her measurement was 40 inches.  Try 44 inches sis.  Sooooo glad I measured her.

In other, other news,  my baby nephew is no longer a baby nephew. He's 2 now.  Time to start calling him "The boy" instead of "The baby" just in time too, since he has a baby brother now and it could have been confusing.  It's amazing what changes time can make.  Two years ago at this time, the boy was in Children's Hospital of Philadelphia fighting for his life, and we really didn't know if he would make it. I was making daily runs to the hospital on my lunch break to bring my sister-in-law much needed sustenance and support.  Now he's a sturdy toddler, whose vocabulary grows daily, who grins like a lunatic when you sing to him. Who runs around and flips around and generally does everything you'd expect a sturdy boy of his age to do.  He got his first haircut, blew out the candles on his cake (amazingly without spitting all over the cake!) and declared he would definitely have another birthday. It's amazing, and wonderful, and I think a good bit of his success is due to the good thoughts, prayers, and vibes sent his way through the vast network of the internet.  Everyone I know told a few people about his struggle, and they told a few people and so forth and all of those people took a moment to think of a special baby fighting for his life and send a little good energy his way, and it worked!  So thank you to everyone who took a moment, and who told someone else who took a moment. Our world would be a lot dimmer today if it weren't for our boy.

Aug. 1st, 2008


So apparently I have readers...who...don't comment.

Heh, someone mentioned that she reads my blog but doesn't comment because LJ is a pain in the arse.  I'm feeling very loved lately. I was missed when I deleted my old journal.  I never even thought anyone would notice, but they did and they got in contact with me to make sure I was okay.  My friends on Ravelry are awesome and wonderful and helping me deal with my latest med/depression issues just by being themselves. 

Now if I can just get the powers that be to approve my promotion and raise life will be damn near perfect! 

Jul. 18th, 2008


From Brewergnome

If there are one or more people on your friends list who make your world a better place just because they exist, and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the Internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

Jul. 17th, 2008


Recipe Format

Okay, so here's the first run of the recipe format. Eventually I may want to add pictures, but for now, I think this will work. I made a PDF form, so anyone interested in helping out can create their recipe and send it to me. The template is here for now, until I set up something better.

Jul. 16th, 2008


you must check this out

Jul. 15th, 2008


Project concept

So, I've been thinking about this for a while, and I think I'm going to do it.  Sounds mysterious, eh?  Heh.  A little background...

When my grandmother was a young wife, she was eligible for government assistance. She was horrified one day when one of the other women who was recieving assistance offered her the flour she had been given because she didn't know what to do with it and was just going to throw it out if no one else wanted it. Grandmom immediately invited that woman and any other at the assistance place who wanted to come, home to learn to make bread, biscuits, etc. Eventually, she ran a small cooking school out of her kitchen for underpriviledged women to learn to cook healthy meals for their families.

Which leads me to my project idea.  I'd like to write a cookbook. In addition to the information about the recipes themselves, I want to include cost estimates for each meal, money saving tips, and nutrition information.  Then I want to make the cookbook into a PDF and make it available for free. This is going to be a big project, but I think it's worthwhile.  What do you think?

Jul. 8th, 2008


Startin a new Journal

Not sure what I'm gonna use it for, but here it is. Expect long rambling posts about absolutely nothing.  Random and Arbitrary.